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This is the walkthrough for Shootout in Valhalla, a Spartan Ops mission from the third episode, Catherine. It is the fourth part of the episode, following Spartan Mountain and followed by Hunting Trip. You play as a member of Fireteam Crimson, and are guided through the mission by Commander Sarah Palmer, Spartan Miller, and Spartan Dalton. During this mission, Crimson's rescue of Mountain Squad failed and they are now pinned down against an entire Covenant cruiser. Your mission is to survive until you can be extracted by .


The mission takes place on Requiem, in a location called "Two Giants." The map is Ragnarok, the Halo 4 remake of Valhalla (the namesake of the level), except the vehicles are not there (there are two ghosts and four Mantises later on), there are three defense turrets, and several Covenant weapon racks, barricades, and other equipment dot the map.

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This level has only Covenant enemies, but there is a large amount of them. You start the mission by choosing one of your custom loadouts, and then jump straight into the action as Covenant dropships begin to appear, dropping Jackals, Elites, and Grunts. You need to activate the three turrets first, which is easiest if you get to a ghost. This ghost can bring you quickly between the turrets, and once all of them are activated, it can help you in the upcoming battle.

Once the turrets are active, defend the area from the Covenant attackers and destroy all of them. Several drop pods and Phantoms and will continue reinforcing the Covenant, eventually dropping a Wraith and several Hunters

Once all the enemies are destroyed, you move to center hill (by the large forerunner wall). A cutscene will play where three Pelicans come in and drop off four Mantises. As soon as you have entered the Mantis, you need to destroy a new wave of enemies (mainly elites and hunters) before heading to the hardest part of the level.

When all of the enemies are cleared, you must move to the beach section of the map and stand your ground in the Mantis while a Covenant cruiser appears, sending out several Banshees and Phantoms. Your machine guns should be able to destroy the Banshees, but the Phantoms will need several missiles and the turrets to destroy them most efficiently. Once all of the air enemies are destroyed, an air strike will destroy the cruiser and you will be picked up, heading to your next mission, Hunting Trip.