Covenant archeological teams operating on Requiem are searching for something. Infinity Command wants to know what.

Core is the fifth chapter of Spartan Ops Episode 1.[1]



Open to a shot of an active volcano.

  • CDR Sarah Palmer (COM): "OK, Crimson. The data you pulled out of the jungle ties into some earlier info on Covenant archaeological teams."

A Phantom flies overhead and drops off a squad as a Sangheili Storm watches.

  • Palmer (COM): "The Covies have found a needle in the Requiem haystack, and you're going to stop them from retrieving it."


  • Palmer (COM): "First things first, Crimson. Eliminate anything that moves."

Crimson advances to an open area just as the Phantom leaves.

Crimson engages enemy forces. A drop pod soon arrives with Covenant reinforcements. Crimson advances to the top of a Forerunner structure, eliminating all hostiles along the way.

  • Palmer (COM): "Miller, find Crimson a way through those doors."
  • Miller (COM): "There appears to be a power source here. Activating waypoint now."

Crimson activates the switch as a Phantom arrives.

  • Miller (COM): "Structural movement, Commander."

Two Sangheili Rangers jump over the wall and engage Crimson.

  • Miller (COM): "Crimson, I'm activating a pair of power sources that just appeared. Activating them should clear the path between you and our Covenant archaeologists."

Crimson activates one of the switches.

  • Miller (COM): "That's one."

Crimson activates the other switch.

  • Palmer (COM): "Got 'em both. Miller?"
  • Miller (COM): "I was right. Door's opening, Commander."

The doors ahead open and Covenant forces advance.

  • Palmer (COM): "Move ahead to the next area, Crimson."

Crimson engages Covenant forces and moves forward. A Phantom soon arrives with Covenant reinforcements.

  • Robert Dalton (COM): "Commander?"
  • Palmer (COM): "Go ahead, Dalton."
  • Dalton (COM): "There's some serious anti-air activity happening in the area around Crimson. We can't guarantee any kind of extraction."
  • Palmer (COM): "Commander Palmer to Fireteam Castle. You're on, Spartans. Dalton's got targets for you."
  • Castle Leader (COM): "Affirmative, Commander."

or, if the RvB Easter Egg has been activated

  • Caboose (COM): "Um, the regular radio guy isn't here right now. Um… sorry."

Crimson continues to advance despite Covenant resistance

  • Miller (COM): "More shields."
  • Palmer (COM): "Find a way to bring them down. I don't like the Covenant working this hard to guard a dig."
  • Miller (COM): "There're the shield controls."

Crimson deactivates the shields. A number of Crawlers appear and engage Crimson while Watchers summon reinforcements near where the shields were. Crimson moves towards the waypoint.

  • Palmer (COM): Shut them down, Crimson."

Several Promethean Knights appear. They and any other Promethean forces are eliminated as Crimson continues to advance.

  • Palmer (COM): "Promethean Knights are working alongside Covenant? That's bad news. Get a look at what they were guarding."

Crimson activates the switch. The ground shakes and bright blue light rises from the surface of the structure as an artifact appears.

  • Miller (COM): "What is that?"
  • Palmer (COM): "I don't care. If the Covies wanted it this badly, I'm happy to get it first."

Promethean forces appear.

  • Miller (COM): "Watch out!"
  • Palmer (COM): "Defend the artifact, Crimson!"

Crimson moves to engage.

  • Palmer (COM): "Dalton! Crimson needs immediate evac!"
  • Dalton (COM): "Still working with Castle to take down air defenses, Commander!"
  • Palmer (COM): "Fireteam Castle, this is Commander Palmer! I need an ETA on clear skies!"
  • Castle Leader (COM): "It's gonna take a little bit longer, Commander! We're doing all we can!"

or, if the RvB Easter Egg has been activated

  • Caboose (COM): "Seriously, the regular radio guy said he would be right back. He's in the bathroom."

Crimson eliminates all hostiles.

  • Miller (COM): "Commander, there's a LOT of Covenant aircraft inbound!"
  • Palmer (COM): "Dalton! Where the hell is that ride?!"

A Pelican approaches Crimson's position

  • Dalton (COM): "She's at the LZ, Commander."
  • Palmer (COM): "About time! Crimson! Let's go!"

Crimson grabs the artifact.


The Pelican lifts off.

  • Pilot (COM): "Crimson and artifact are onboard, and we are Infinity bound."
  • Palmer (COM): "Nice work, Crimson. Come on home."

The Pelican flies off into the sunset as the level ends. Fade to black


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