All fireteams are recalled to UNSC Infinity to repel Covenant invasion.

Backup is the first chapter of Spartan Ops Episode 7.[1]

The StoryEdit

Crimson team are on a mission to shutdown a portal on Requiem that the Covenant and Prometheans have been using. After shutting down the portal, they receive a message from Lasky telling all hands to return to Infinity. Palmer tells them that the ship is under attack from Prometheans, and that they need assistance. Murphy says that the best LZ is at the bottom of a hill, but Crimson have to fight through waves of Covenant and Prometheans to get there. Luckily, Murphy is able to find a mantis for the team to use and clear the area, but as soon as the mantis is dropped of, Murphy comes under attack from another Phantom. Crimson are able to assist in destroying the hostile Phantom, but find the LZ now overrun by Prometheans. After Roland drops the last of the Infinity's supplies down to Crimson, they are able to secure the LZ and are evacuated by Murphy, and taken immediately to Infinity to assist.


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  • This level is the first time a Phantom is seen carrying a human vehicle in Halo history.
  • Even though Murphy rarely (if ever) destroys the hostile Phantom, Miller always praises Murphy, not Crimson.
  • Towards the end of the level when Crimson is battling the Phantom near the cliff edge, Forerunner structures in the sky are clearly visible, with what could possibly be Flood biomass on them.
  • Even though you are only told to shut down the first portal there is another which can be turned off and a third on the other side of the map which hasent been activated yet.


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