Zoomed Out

The hangar on the left contains the Spartan.

Zoomed In

The unknown Spartan, zoomed in.

The Spartan in the Autumn is an easter egg found in Halo: Reach, on the campaign level The Pillar Of Autumn[1][2]


An unknown Spartan is hidden in the same hangar that Keyes' Pelican docked in during the ending cutscene. Because most of the Autumn is a solid object that cannot be bypassed even with Pan cam, the player cannot see the figure properly, but the details are enough to make out a Spartan. The Spartan is black and is wearing full MJOLNIR Mark V armor, and has a prosthetic right arm like Kat. This could be a reference to the Red vs Blue character Freelancer"Tex" Texas.


Activate Pan Cam during gameplay, and go to Theater to play the clip. Zoom in on the left side of the Autumn, near the second yellow crane (from the gameplay area's perspective). Try to pass through part of the hull. Once you've reached the solid barrier on the ship, find the last hangar to the left. The tiny Spartan can be seen in the hangar's right corner. After the cutscene where Emile is killed, the Spartan will disappear, likely due to the area being used during the cutscene.

Secret Spartan on PoA

Secret Spartan on PoA

a video that shows the spartan from close



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