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The Spec-Ops Harness in Halo: Reach in Campaign.

The Special Operations Harness is a Covenant combat armor designed for the Sangheili Special Operations operators of the Covenant Army.[1] This special infiltration harness uses embedded camo tech capable of turning the wearer invisible.[2] However, once its shields have been lowered, the harness cannot cloak its wearer until the shields have recharged. Also, the shielding of the Special Operation Harness is noticeably weaker than that of Sangheili Rangers or Field Generals.

Advanced Special Operations Harness[]

A several squads of Special Operations units are equipped in advanced Harness that often incorporated experimental technologies and weaponry. They are recognizable through their crimson and claret armors, blue or red visors and red energy swords.


  • The Special Operations Harness appears to be the Halo: Reach equivalent of the Halo 3 Commando Harness.[citation needed]
  • The helmet of the Spec Ops Harness in multiplayer slightly resembles the Predator from Aliens vs. Predator.