Speedy Reload is a trick exploitable in Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2.

Halo: CEEdit

This glitch is most effective with scoped weapons like the sniper rifle and pistol, and is especially useful in multiplayer. After expending a full magazine from a sniper rifle or pistol, the animation is quite long, and in a Team Snipers gametype, the time spent reloading can make a huge difference. Rather than waiting, as soon as the new magazine is in the weapon, press your melee button/key. Instantly after doing so, you can press your scope button/key and immediately start firing rather than waiting for the reload animation to finish.

This also works with scope-less weapons, notably the Assault rifle, and can be used on Covenant weapons to reduce the overheat time. For these weapons, either melee or rapidly switch weapons to negate the remaining reload animations/overheat time. The weapon switch or melee must be timed according to when the new magazine first contacts the weapon, or approximately halfway through the overheat period. This might take longer than the regular reload animation rather than part of reload animation and the melee animation. Keep in mind that if the switch or melee is performed prematurely, the weapon-ready time will increase, or you will completely negate the reload and have to start anew.

Halo 2Edit

When you are in need of a quick reload, simply press the reload button, and while the magazine is inside the magazine case, melee quickly. This stops the reload animation (movement) and the magazine goes directly inside the case.

You may also switch guns just after the magazine enters the case.

Another method is that when the magazine enters the gun, quickly press Y, Y. Do so before the magazine enters the gun.


  1. When you are out of ammo and are about to assassinate someone.
  2. When you are in dire need of reloading.


This is hard to do with the following reloadable weapons:

  1. Shotgun (It is actually possible, but it will take you more time to reload if doing this after every shell reloaded. It is only viable after loading the last shell.)
  2. Needler (You do not exactly know when its crystalline "magazine" will enter its "chamber.")
  3. SMG (By the time the magazine is in the gun, the reloading process is basically already done.)
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