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SPARTAN-B312 jumping off Spire One into Jorge-052's hand.

“Control? This is Noble One. Spire One is green, and you're free to engage. Have a nice day.”

Spire One was the UNSC code name for a Covenant teleporter and shield-generator array placed on Szurdok Ridge on the planet Reach.


According to Auntie Dot, Spire One was linked to a Covenant Supercarrier, the Long Night of Solace. Spire One provided various different functions that included: shielding infantry, providing cover from radar, serving as a teleporter terminus for Phantoms and Spirits, and generating a cloak for the Long Night of Solace. Spire One was destroyed on August 12, 2552 by the frigate Grafton during a UNSC counterattack.[1]


  • Spire One is also the setting for the multiplayer map, Spire.
  • It is extremely simple to skyjack one of the Banshees on Tip of the Spear, due to its low flying, whilst they are attacking Jorge-052. It only requires a player to use a jetpack to boost up to the Banshee.
    • Also the AI of the Banshee Pilots in Tip of the Spear are apparently not suited for the terrain of the area as they will oftentimes get stuck in a rock formation or under the pipes.