Splendid-Dust-of-Ancient-Suns (more commonly known as Splendid Dust or simply Dust) was a young Forerunner who served as First Councilor of the Forerunner Council.[1]


After the Master Builder Faber used a Halo Array to punish the San'Shyuum for rebelling, the Builders stripped Faber of his title, and a political revolution occurred. Though only a first-form, Splendid Dust and other first-form Councilors like him were brevet appointments intended to curb the abuses of the Council that Faber controlled.

After his appointment, Splendid Dust went to Bornstellar's homeworld to speak with Bornstellar's father about Faber's fall, and to retrieve the young Bornstellar, who now hosted the memories of the Ur-Didact, executed by the Master Builder at Janjur Qom. During Faber's trial, Splendid Dust served as First Observer of the Court to the Supreme Mantle Court. However, the proceedings were interrupted by 032 Mendicant Bias, who had defected to the Flood and attempted to use the Halo he had been given control of, taking control of the metarchy and shutting down everyone's armor. When Bornstellar managed to shut down Mendicant Bias, Glory-of-a-Far-Dawn managed to rescue Splendid Dust and Bornstellar, and they escaped to Installation 00.



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