Squad Break Glitch is a rare glitch in Halo Wars that allows a squad to temporarily split off from each other. This glitch is most common and easy with the Grunt squad because of the Elite that is with them. To start the glitch, find a very small area (can be made from vehicles) for the squad to squeeze through. If the player is lucky, one might make it through and throw off the "Squad Circle," making them difficult to command.

The other way is much easier and is exclusive to the Grunt Squad. Start it the same way, in a tight area, which CANNOT be made from vehicles. If possible, try separate the elite as far away as possible from the grunts. Then get a second player to put a weak enemy to attack the elite. At the same time, order the squad to move to another position opposite of the weak enemy. If done correctly, the Elite will stay in the same position, either frozen or attacking the enemy, while the grunts will move to the position. The Squad Circle will be in the middle position of the Elite and Grunts. Movement will be difficult, as they will often move in different directions. You can reverse the glitch by moving onto a sniper platform, a reactor, cover, etc.

-This is caused by the Elite being slightly bigger and having a slightly longer range than the rest of the grunts.

-It is easiest with a damaged squad of one Grunt and the Elite

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