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“My name is Staffan Sentzke, and I never planned to be a terrorist.”
— Staffan Sentzke[1]

Staffan Sentzke was an Insurrectionist living in New Tyne, Venezia during and following the Human-Covenant war.[1]


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Staffan Sentzke was a factory worker on the colony-world Sansar where he lived with his wife Lena and his daughter Naomi. Naomi was kidnapped for the SPARTAN-II Program in 2517 and replaced by a clone who died 18 months later due to a genetic illness. Concerned that her future children might contract the same illness, Staffan's wife slashed her wrists and died in their bathtub. Staffan then insisted that the Naomi who had died was not his daughter and he was in the middle of a government conspiracy.

Staffan joined a help group where he met Andrew Remo, who also lost his gifted child in the same way. When Sansar was glassed during the Human-Covenant war, Staffan fled to Venezia, where he became an outspoken anti-UNSC terrorist and nuclear weapons dealer, among other things. He remarried to a woman named Laura and had two children, a son named Edvin and a daughter named Hedda, who then also had children.[1]

In 2553, Staffan was reunited with his daughter Naomi while she was on Venezia gathering information, but Naomi couldn't stay long and had to leave. Staffan bought a stolen Covenant CCS-class battlecruiser called the Pious Inquisitor from Sav Fel[2] and renamed it Naomi, after his daughter. Staffan planned on threatening to glass a city with the battlecruiser in order to get answers about Naomi, but was captured by Lian Devereaux.

While he was in custody, Naomi and Serin Osman revealed to him the truth about Naomi's abduction. He felt relieved knowing the truth, yet disgusted at the same time. Staffan offered to yield the Naomi to Osman in exchange that Naomi be given the choice to leave the Spartans or he at least could maintain contact with her.

While Staffan was on the Naomi, Kig-Yar pirates hired by Avu Med 'Telcam scuttled the ship. Staffan faked his own death, escaped in a Spirit, and sent a message to Naomi to inform her of his survival.


Staffan was pained for years about the loss of his daughter and constantly thought of her, expressing his thoughts to his family, who sometimes did not believe him. He blames and hates the UNSC for what happened to his wife and daughter. According to Mike Spenser, he "just hates Earth. If the Sangheili hadn't shot humans on sight, I swear he would have enlisted with the Arbiter."[3] However, despite being a terrorist, he cares greatly for his family and living beings, even a Huragok like Sometimes Sinks.


  • Staffan Sentzke is the first known and named parent of a SPARTAN-II.
  • Staffan's heritage is likely Scandinavian. Both "Staffan" and "Sentzke" are names of Swedish origin and he has pale skin and white-blond hair.
  • Staffan builds dollhouse accessories for his granddaughter in his spare time.[1]



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