Are you looking for Station as it appears in the canon storyline?

The Station is a semi-permanent UNSC modular base that acts as a command center.


It's deployed on to viable foundations by the UNSC Spirit of Fire via Pods. The Firebase consists of a command center, capable of training scouts and unique leader units, and five building sites, of which several types of facilities can be built upon. The Firebase can be improved upon further to become a Fortress (Halo Wars) which adds an extra two building sites.


A series of buildings can be constructed on the Firebases three building sites, so long as the individual has the required resources and tech level:


Similar to the Firebase, on large maps, players may construct a Station on an empty base site, close to the oppositions main base. Here, an individual can create facilities such as a Barracks, or Vehicle Depot, to deploy slow moving units closer to the opposition, allowing for faster action.

The Station offers further building sites than the Firebase, and requires less resources to build than a Fortress. This makes the station a more viable option for a second base during the early stages of a game, where resources are limited.

Players may also destroy the Station to prevent the opposition from gaining valuable points from its destruction, to free up an empty base site for another member on the same team, or to impose damage on units close to it.

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