The Sticky Fingers medal is obtained in Halo: Reach and Halo 3: ODST Firefight for sticking ten opponents in a row without dying. This can be done with either the Plasma grenade or Spike grenade.

It is represented by a bronze five-pointed star with a Plasma grenade in the middle.


  • The name of the medal is a reference to the popular album by the Rolling Stones in 1978.
  • Incendiary kills do not count towards getting this medal.
  • Chieftains can be a real problem when attempting this medal as stick grenades will just bounce off their armor, though it won't bounce off their weapons. You may get a lucky stick on a Gravity Hammer or Fuel Rod Gun.
  • Getting 10 grenades may also be a problem, as grenades fallen from enemies that have been stuck tend to explode.
  • This medal is particularly difficult to get as splash damage from exploding grenades may kill you and end your spree.