Storm Sangheili, also known as Storm-class Sangheili, are specialized Sangheili shock troopers that serve the Covenant remnants. Typically armed with aptly-named Storm Rifles, Storm Sangheili perform a variety of roles in combat. They have been observed acting as lance leaders for lesser-ranking troops as well as piloting a wide array of vehicles. Seemingly the lowest class of soldier in 'Mdama's successor Covenant, Storm report to superior Sangheili officers such as Commanders and Warriors.

Originally servants of the Covenant Empire, Storm Sangheili joined the forces of a variety of remnants after the conclusion of the Human-Covenant war. A majority entered Jul 'Mdama's Covenant and subsequently served as the backbone of its Sangheili troops, but some instead chose to join rival factions such as Thel 'Vadam's Swords of Sanghelios.



Storm Sangheili[5], also referred to as Storm-class Sangheili,[6] were specialized Sangheili shock troopers[3] that performed assault, marksmen and scout duties.[5] In the vein of the Covenant Empire, Storm in Jul 'Mdama's faction also led lower-ranking Kig-Yar and Unggoy forces in battle, while themselves reporting to higher-ranking Sangheili soldiers.[1]

Rank StructureEdit

In the Covenant Empire, Storm Sangheili had their their own internal rank structure based on armor color. The consequences of this can be observed in 'Mdama's successor faction. Blue colored Storm harnesses signal the rank of Minor[7] and red ones the rank of Major.[8] Ultras are possibly sporting white and red harnesses, whilst commanding officers wear gold.[7] It is also possible that green-armored Storm Sangheili historically backed Thel 'Vadam's forces against the Jiralhanae during the Great Schism, but had loyalty that only went as far as the concept of a 'common enemy'.[8]


Storm Sangheili served the Covenant Empire during its war with the United Nations Space Command,[6] carrying out far-flung missions on frontier worlds.[4] Following the Great Schism and the consequential conclusion of the war, a majority of Storm Sangheili joined Jul 'Mdama's Covenant and became the remnant's Sangheili backbone.[3][9] However, many of them instead opted to enter the rival ranks of the Swords of Sanghelios, led by Arbiter Thel 'Vadam.[6] In the years after the Great War, Jul 'Mdama's Storm Sangheili battled against UNSC forces in an attempt to satisfy their leader's command. A recently-awakened John-117 encountered numerous Storm during the First Battle of Requiem in 2557, as they attempted to uphold the will of the Ur-Didact.[1] Eventually, Jul 'Mdama was assassinated by Spartan Jameson Locke, during the Battle of Kamchatka on October 20, 2558.[10] With 'Mdama's Covenant weakened by its leader's death, many Storm Sangheili fought in the organization's last stand on Sangheilios against the UNSC and the Swords of Sangheilios in the same year.[11]


Storm Sangheili are equipped with Storm harnesses, a variant of the Sangheili Combat Harness,[4] outfitted with Sangheili Personal Energy Shields.[1] The harnesses of Storm Sangheili who served Jul 'Mdama were colored based on rank[8][7] and left the wearers' arms exposed. Alternatively, members of the Swords of Sangheilios typically wear crimson harnesses that feature ivory markings and complete sleeves.[5]

Storm Sangheili are typically seen carrying Storm Rifles but have been observed wielding all manner of Covenant weapons including: Type-51 Carbines, Type-33 Needlers and Type-25 Plasma Pistols.[1] As of the year 2558, they are utilizing Type-57 Carbines, Type-56 Needlers, Type-54 Plasma Pistols, Type-53 Plasma Casters and Type-58 Fuel Rod Cannons.[2] They are notably allowed to carry Energy Swords no matter their rank, something once considered a privilege for higher-ranked Sangheili in the old Empire. During the Second Battle of Requiem, they were also observed utilizing Boltshot pistols, Forerunner weapons usually wielded by Prometheans. Some Storm were equipped with technology such as Active Camouflage.[1]


Halo 4Edit

Storm Sangheili appear in Halo 4 as enemies in the game's Campaign and Spartan Ops modes. They are the primary variant of Sangheili enemy encountered in the game and serve as the M'dama Covenant equivalent to Minors from other games. Despite this, Storm do have an internal rank structure that is based on color, but it has little impact on how they behave in-game. Storm most commonly wield Covenant weapons including: Covenant Carbines, Needlers, Plasma Pistols and especially Storm Rifles. On rare occasions, they can be seen utilizing Energy Swords and even use Boltshot pistols in Spartan Ops. In terms of equipment, they make use of personal energy shields that are the weakest of Sangheili shields encountered in the game. Additionally, they utilize Plasma Grenades and can rarely sport Active Camouflage.[1]

Halo 5: GuardiansEdit

Storm Sangheili appear in Halo 5: Guardians as enemies in the game's Campaign and Warzone modes. These include Warzone Assault, Warzone Firefight and Warzone Turbo. They behave almost identically to their previous iteration in Halo 4, with the addition of an expanded weapon roster. In Halo 5, they can wield Plasma Casters and Fuel Rod Cannons whereas the Type-27 Beam Rifle and Promethean Scattershot are available to them in Warzone only.[2]


  • Storm Sangheili first appeared in Halo 4, as one of the game's new Sangheili enemy variants.[1]
  • Storm Sangheili resemble a cross between Covenant Sangheili Minors[1] and Sangheili Rangers[8] from Halo: Reach.



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