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The moon of the Ark from space

The Strip Mining Moon of the Ark, also known as the Foundry, the Source, and the Core, is a planet or planetoid located in the "hole" at the heart of Installation 00. It can be seen in the Halo 3 levels The Covenant and Halo.


The Mining Moon had a diameter of roughly 4255 kilometers in 2553, but it could have been substantially larger originally. Its heavily scarred appearance indicates that it has been extensively mined for resources, most likely to support the construction of the Ark and potential replacement Halo arrays.

The Moon is partially obscured by dense violet clouds. Although no official evidence as to their nature exists, inspection of the game files confirms that the clouds are Sentinels,[citation needed] likely tasked with the construction of new installations.


Along with the massive Sentinel population found around the Ark, the Mining Moon has an extra albeit passive defense. At least one superluminal communications array is included within the barrier's confines. It is also equipped with a barrier shield which can be raised to protect both the Core and the Foundry from attack by the Flood. The Covenant Prophet of Truth raised this barrier in 2552.[citation needed]