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The Suicidal Marine was a participant in the Battle of Earth, fighting alongside the Master Chief's spearhead attack against the Covenant forces near the The Artifact. Following the activation of the Artifact and the subsequent retreat of the Prophet of Truth's forces to Installation 00, this Marine and his allies were attacked by the Flood, who had arrived aboard the hijacked Indulgence of Conviction. [1]

Driven mad by the infection of his squad, the Marine gunned them down. Shortly thereafter the Chief and Thel 'Vadam arrived. The Marine rambled, either to them or himself, about having done his squadmates a favor, before musing that he should do himself one in turn. He is last seen alternating between pointing his weapon at his own hand and cowering in his hiding place. His ultimate fate is unknown, although he may have been vaporized when the Covenant separatists eventually glassed the area to cull the Flood infection.


  • The Suicidal Marine is distinctly similar to the Halo: Combat Evolved's AWOL Marine, and indicates that Flood attacks can have profound psychological effects.[2]
  • At times, the Marine may occasionally be seen without his M6 Magnum, raising his hand to his head as if he had it in his hand. Instead, the gun will be holstered on his hip. This is probably the result of a glitch in the game.
  • This "suicidal" pose by the Marine is shared between several Voi Workers in The Storm.
  • If you look closely, the dead Marines lying around the room show no signs of Flood infection. It may be possible the Marine just lost it and subsequently murdered his comrades out of fear. Alternatively, they may have been killed in the early stages of infection.
  • If you hold the camera in this room in Theater mode, he will start to get up after a short while, then simply vanish.
  • The Suicidal Marine has unusually low health and will die after being shot only a few times, indicating he may be wounded, have damaged armor, or simply has no will to live. He shares this trait with his predecessor, the AWOL Marine.
  • If you go into Theater mode and fly to the Marine's location, you'll see the dead bodies, but not the Marine.
  • It is possible to make the Marine participate in the conflict outside of the building with the Shadow of Intent's Sangheili soldiers by lightly nudging him towards the door.


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