Summit cropped

The Covenant Summit.

The Summit is a Covenant structure featured in Halo Wars.

It is the base of the Covenant Air Force and so constructs aircraft, and is built on to the Covenant citadel. In addition to building BansheesVampires, and Engineers, all of the Covenant's air-based vehicle upgrades are researched at the Summit. These upgrades are made possible by prerequisite upgrades researched at the temple and citadel. Unlike the UNSC Air Pad which requires the second tech level, the Summit can be built at a tech level of zero, making an early Banshee rush fairly easy. Like all buildings in Halo Wars, it will take the color of the player's intended team.[1]

The Summit is the Covenant equivalent to the UNSC Air Pad.

Units Produced and Available UpgradesEdit


Support unit. Instead of attacking, Engineers heal or repair friendly units and buildings.

  1. State of Grace - Increased rate of healing and repair.
  2. Harmonious Digestion - Increases movement speed.


Main Covenant air unit. Armed with plasma cannons and fuel rod cannons.

  1. Boost - Enables speed boost special ability
  2. Repeating Cannon - Increases rate of fire of cannons.
  3. Sacrifice - When critically damaged, the Banshee attempts to crash into ground targets and inflicts Area of Effect damage. (Kamikaze)


Covenant Anti-Air unit, equipped with plasma cannons and a Needler turret. Starting Special Attack - Stasis - temporarily locks enemy aircraft in a stasis field.(Doesn't affect Vultures)

  1. Stasis Drain - Stasis ability drains target's health and repairs the Vampire.
  2. Stasis Bomb - When Stasis completely drains a target it explodes, doing large AOE damage.