The Sunburst medal[1] is a multiplayer medal in Halo: Reach, first seen on a screenshot of the new medals page.[2]


It is awarded when a player reaches 15 kills with a Spartan Laser without dying. When someone attains and achieves this medal, the announcer will shout "Sunburst!" to the player that received this medal. It is represented by a Running Riot medal combined with a purple Laser Kill medal medal.


  • As the Spartan Laser has only 4 shots in Halo: Reach, it is nearly impossible to attain in a standard situation, unless the player scores a multikill with each shot (he/she would need for example 3 overkills and 1 triple kill). Or can survive long enough to obtain another one from the field of play or the weapon drops in the Firefight mode
  • It can also be achieved by playing a game with unlimited ammo.