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Sunray 1-1 is a Squad of Orbital Drop Shock Trooper under the command of Major Vaughan as part of Boomerang Company of the 9th Shock Troops Battalion.[1]

Service History[edit | edit source]

1st Squad participated in Operation: SPEARBREAKER in 2559.[1] There they were sent down to find out what The Banished was doing inside the area with India Company. They find out that the cloaking device is being used to hide their operations.

Following SPEARBREAKER, Sunray has gone to combat with Banished Warlords, Forerunner Sentinels and Armigers. As well, they sent in on a clandestine mission to eliminate a high-value Jiralhanae Captain who was helping Atriox take advantage of Installation 00's power supply.[2]

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