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The Super Sentinel is a variant of the basic Sentinel design, but considerably larger. They are available as a support unit in Halo Wars. They, like regular sentinels, are built at the Sentinel Shop. Intended to support anti-vehicle and anti-infantry operations, they are unable to engage aircraft, and require regular sentinel escorts for aerial protection.[1] They cost 250 resources and require a minimum tech level of 2 to be produced and count as 2 population. They fire a beam of energy that temporarily prevents an enemy ground unit from attacking and reduces its movement speed. However, the beam does not do much damage by itself.


Forerunner Sentinel Boss

Concept art of the Super Sentinel.

Not much is known about the super sentinels' history. Like most special sentinels, they are only used in times of large Flood infections, or other considerable threats. Super sentinels were present during the Battle of Shield 0459. They were activated when the Shield 0459's artificial intelligence autonomously initiated "Stage 3 Defense Protocols," after large numbers of Flood forms, along with Covenant forces and the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire, were detected. The super sentinels were tasked with eliminating these targets. The super sentinels on the Shield World were most likely destroyed along with the installation when the star within it went supernova.


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