The Surface-to-Air Missile Launcher,[1] abbreviated to SAM Site and colloquially known as a notable piece of scenery on the map High Ground, is a UNSC weapons emplacement. It appears in Halo 3's singleplayer and multiplayer, though only as a background object with no combat capability whatsoever.


The Surface-to-Air Missile Launcher is a large multiple-launch-system emplacement, firing the ASRGAM 10X missile. It is featured in the Halo 3 multiplayer level High Ground and the Campaign level The Storm and in Floodgate. It was thought by some players to be a large mortar device that can fire on upcoming attackers.

This was proven false by Bungie, which stated it was unusable and it was only scenery. Workers at Bungie had tried to have the SAM missile site AI-controlled, so that when player(s) are charging up High Ground, there would be a risk of being killed by the launcher. Bungie had its AI capabilities removed, mainly because there was too much firepower coming down on the attackers.[2]



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