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Avery Johnson smoking a Sweet William Cigar

Sweet William Cigars are a type of tobacco product made by a human company and are enjoyed by a very large number of humans. They are considered a luxury item and appear to have become so popular that they are used by humans more than cigarettes. Many officers in the UNSC smoke them, despite it being against regulations to smoke any kind of product.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez smoked these. He kept a box of them on his desk in the Highland Mountains. Dr. Halsey, though, was not very fond of them.[1]

Colonel Robert Watts also smoked them, and had them delivered regularly to his base at Eridanus secundus. The Spartans recognized this and placed a NAV Marker Transmitter on the box, which allowed them to find and capture Watts.

Others who are known who smoked these cigars include Captain Jacob Keyes, Captain Ponder, Admiral Michael Stanforth, Peter Bonifacio, Lieutenant Faison, Gage Yevgenny, Franklin Mendez, and most notably, Sergeant Major Avery J. Johnson.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • They are likely named after the Sweet William flower that is native to Europe. It is possible that these flowers are used in the making of these cigars.
  • It is possible that the Hidden Cigar in Cairo Station is a Sweet William cigar.
  • A smaller model of a Sweet William cigar can be seen on a Halo 3 Sergeant Johnson action figure.
  • It is odd that this is the only brand of cigars to have seen widespread shipping/distribution throughout the inner and outer Colonies.
  • It is probable that Daniel Black smokes this specific brand.

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