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This article is about Halo 5: Guardians level. For the group itself, see Swords of Sanghelios.

When evidence reveals the Master Chief is in danger, Fireteam Osiris' mission changes from retrieval to rescue.

Swords of Sanhelios is the eighth mission in the Halo 5: Guardians Campaign.


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Fireteam Osiris is sent to Sanghelios to get help from the Arbiter to access the Guardian at Sunaion. The last stronghold of the covenant on Sanghelios.


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The UNSC Infinity floats through space. Scene shifts to a Pelican flying in the Infinity's hangar, camera shifts down to Pelican being loaded by three Marines under the supervision of Dr. Halsey and Commander Palmer. Jameson Locke and Vale walk up to the pelican.

  • Locke: You loading up Commander?

Camera shifts to Palmer and Halsey.

  • Palmer: We're going to see if Halsey can learn to speak Guardian.
  • Halsey: I'll have a briefing for you by the time we reach Sanghelios.

Camera shifts to Locke and Vale.

  • Locke: See you planetside.

To Commander Palmer. Camera shifts to Palmer, she nods her head in acknowledgement. Palmer begins to walk into the Pelican, Vale and Locke start to walk away.

  • Vale: So you wrote a target dossier on the Arbiter when you were with ONI?

Camera shifts to Locke.

  • Locke: That was six years ago. What's your point?

Camera shifts back to Vale.

  • Vale: You recommended assassinating him.

Camera shifts back to Locke.

  • Locke: After he killed millions of our people.

Camera shifts back to Vale.

  • Vale: So why didn't you?

Camera shifts to show both of them stop walking.

  • Locke: Things changed.