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Szurduk Ridge

Satellite image of Szurdok Ridge.

Szurdok Ridge was a mountain ridge at Ütközet on the human colony world of Reach.


Circa 2507, the upper river was blocked off for use as a hydroelectric power source.[1]

Human-Covenant war[]

On the night of August 11, 2552, Noble Team was stealthily deployed to the ridge to determine the extent of the Covenant's presence on Reach. They discovered that the Covenant fleet had created a landing site at the ridge.[1]

On August 12, a large battle between the United Nations Space Command and the Covenant Empire took place around the ridge during the Fall of Reach.[2][3]


The ridge spread over a long distance. On top of the ridge, there is a river which was used by a large hydroelectric power plant that provided energy for settlements throughout the territory.[1] This upper river eventually fed into a river below the ridge. This larger, lower river fed into a large basin. There was a BXR Mine built into the ridge too.[3]



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