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The T'vaoan Champion, known also as the Skirmisher Champion,[1] is the highest T'vaoan military rank in the Covenant.


T'vaoan Champions wear golden armour, and are generally found in groups as flanking support. Occasionally in combat, they will utilize Holograms of themselves in order to confuse their enemies.


In combat T'vaoan Champions typically try to confuse the enemy using their holograms then attack them while distracted. They will either stay at a distance with long-range weapons or charge in with the Plasma Pistol and Needler. They often stay in cover when being shot at or will retreat when shot at. They can overcharge their Plasma Pistols, and after disabling the player's shields, they will fire rapidly to finish the kill. To quickly eliminate the Champion hit it with a headshot or use a weapon to cause it to stumble, leaving it briefly vulnerable. Champions will generally evade grenades unless stuck.




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