The T'vaoan Murmillo[1] (plural: Murmillones)[2] is a T'vaoan specialist rank in the Covenant that wears orange armor, helmets covering their whole head, and sports small Point Defense Gauntlets on each forearm. They are stronger, faster and more durable than most other Skirmisher ranks (besides Champion and Commando), and use their shield gauntlets to cover their exposed bodies, including their heads, while strafing enemies.


They typically use a Plasma Pistol, a Needle Rifle, a Needler, or a Focus Rifle. They have a tendency to jump to out of reach places where they will snipe from. They will also run around you in circles making it hard for you to target them. They are usually in found in groups of one to seven units, and will stay at positions with barricades or plasma turrets instead of charging forward with Grunts and Jackals. They will not flee from combat like Unggoy, but will retreat to other positions if most other units are killed.

The best way to eliminate them is with a headshot using a Magnum, DMR or Needle Rifle. Needlers are not effective against them as they easily evade the homing needles. Grenades are also ineffective, as they can quickly escape the blast radius.




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