A forearm-mounted TACPAD used by Carter-A259.

The TACPAD[1] is a piece of United Nations Space Command equipment. It is a hand-held tactical database system used for analyzing and displaying combat information. It is most often used by NCOs and pull up maps of the local area and display images.[2] It might be related to a small hand-held computer, or "Data Pad."

A forearm-mounted TACPAD with a dock for the "MC5 Individual Data Net/Terminal" is available as an armor attachment in Halo: Reach. This device is also used by Carter-A259. Lazlo Sorvad also used one. It is available at the rank of Major and for 50000 cR in the Armory.[3]


  • One UNSC Marine stated: "How the foxtrot does it track anything? Whatever—I guess that’s why I carry an MA5 instead of a TACPAD." This comment indicates that TACPADs are typically carried by commissioned and non-commissioned officers, as well as intelligence personnel in charge of tactical planning.
  • The TACPAD bears a slight resemblance to the PIP-Boy from the Fallout series.




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