Tactical packages

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Tactical Packages are loadout options featured in Halo 4. They are different from Armor Abilities in that that they are passive and cannot be exchanged for another during a life. Each one is unlocked and activated when selecting a custom loadout for the player before a match begins or during respawn time.[1]

List of Tactical PackagesEdit


Shielding package

Once a shield begins recharging, the time it takes to reach full strength is reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second.


Firepower Package 2

Allows a player to carry two primary weapons instead of one primary and one secondary.


Mobility package

Allows unlimited sprint.


Fast Track

Increases the amount of XP earned by 20% for the time it is active during a match. Unlocked by completing the Pioneer Specialization.


Grenadier package

Increases grenade carrying capacity by 1.


Resupply package

Allows the player to pick up grenades from dead bodies.


Requisition package

Allows the player to request new choices when a Personal Ordnance Drop is granted. Unlocked by completing the Tracker Specialization.


Wheelman package

Increases the long-term durability of the player's vehicle and decreases the time it is immobilized by an EMP. Unlocked by completing the Operator Specialization.

AA EfficiencyEdit

AA Efficiency

Increased recharge rate for Armor Abilities.


Taking damage does not interrupt sprinting. This Tactical Package was added in Title Update v1.05 and, as with the other content included in the update, cannot be used in Spartan Ops.[2] It was originally only available to owners of the Champions Bundle, but became available to everyone on December 9, 2013.[3]




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