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Talia Perez is a corporal in the UNSC. She specializes in linguistics as a member of a communications unit . After the Fall of Reach, she joined the Spartan-III program.


Talia Perez was born on Reach to a large family, all of whom reside in a house together. Talia, being bilingual, lent to her decision to become a linguistics specialist. She joined the marines where she passed training with high marks. She was assigned to a communications unit. She went on several missions with her team.

Operation Shepherd[]

Talia goes on a mission to Sanctuary to rescue civilians. Her unit dies but she survives, only saved by Master Chief and the retreating Covenant forces. Once back on Reach, the UNSC broadcasts Perez and claims she was a hero at Sanctuary. They claim she and Silver Team valiantly protected the citizens of the planet. She is awarded the Colonial Cross for her brave actions.[1]


Talia back home

Talia was questioned by Ackerson upon her return to Reach, but she claimed to not recall any of the events that Master Chief reported. Ackerson believes John is mentally unstable, leading the frustrated Spartan to visit Talia's house to confront her about her failure to remember the events that transpired during their mission. Talia's mother intervenes, asking John to stay for dinner, and he accepts. He spends the evening with her family who become excited when they figure out John is a Spartan. Talia, meanwhile, gives John a message in morse code during prayer. When John and Talia finally speak in private, Talia reveals that she sensed something out there during their mission, leading to her guilt as all her men were killed, yet she survived without a clear explanation. She couldn't tell Ackerson what she saw because she couldn't understand it herself. John tells her the guilt never goes away, it just gets further away.[2]

The Fall of Reach[]

The Master Chief and Talia fight to join up with Fleetcom. Where she was able to pilot a shuttle full of civilians off Reach.



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