Talitha Macer is a Private First Class in the Sedran Colonial Guard.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Born on Sedra in 2537, Talitha Macer showed great interest in aeronautics and physics at a very young age. When she was nine-years-old, her father, who served in the Sedran Colonial Guard, died while participating in a sting operation to infiltrate and take down a weapon smuggling ring. After the death of her father, Talitha was raised in a rough neighborhood and she often found herself mixing with the wrong crowd. As a result, she was placed in a corrective detention center after a number of run-ins with local police for mostly petty crimes. After a year in the detention center she acquired a new perspective and a renewed purpose and decided to enlist in the Sedran Colonial Guard to honor the memory of her father.[1]

Mission to the Alpha FragmentEdit

Macer was part of the joint militia/ONI team sent to destroy deadly deposits found on the fragment of installation 04. After a perilous journey to locate the crash site of the Condor she drew straws with Randall and Locke to decide who will go and who will stay to activate the nuke. Using the main power supply of the HAVOK Tactical Nuclear Weapon she managed to jury rigged it to the damaged Condor and fly it along with Locke to the Colonial Tug and assisted in flying it off of the fragment before it was destroyed by the HAVOK.[2]


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