7448 BCE?Edit

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Actual DateEdit

The actual quote is 100,000 years ago:

:when did the Forerunner take their "Great Journey," that would be about 100,000 years ago - around the time our Homo Sapien ancestors decided to migrate out of Africa. Mind you, that's a hotly debated paleontological theory.[1]

Taken literally would mean the Halos were fired on 97,994 B.C.E. (This year 2006-100,000 years). But I believe that Staten was just giving an approximate date so the 100,000 B.C.E. date should be used. -- Esemono 00:36, 23 October 2006 (UTC)

For now I will include the date 97,448 BC simply because it cited in other wiki articles here. If we made this different than it would conflict with other articles. (that is unless we should change all of the other articles.)LemonDragon 15:30, 15 October 2008 (UTC)

Time Anomaly Edit

I am very sure that the time in Earth years the Halos were fired in, it was not more or less 100,000 BCE but but infact much earlier than that. I say this because humans evolved from something else, during that time, and there was no recorded mass extinction in which all sentient life was eradicated. Besides I don't think that when 'they' said that the Halos detroys all sentient life, I would think that they meant anything with neurogical tissue, how else could a weapon be so selective, that it only destroys life that can think complicated things ie. being conscious of self-existence, in stead of life that can only think instinctively. According to my research, the correct time could be anytime earlier than 635,000,000 BCE +/- 0.007874 %

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The rings were desiged to kill 'any sentient being within three radia of the galactic centre'. Humans are said to have become sentient at around 100,000 BCE (You can't use BC, its offencive to anyone not christian), then they would have been killed when the rings were activated. Howether, if it was say, approximately 1000 years further, then humans may have been able to continue to evolve sentient. I am hoping u get wat i am saying, as this makes a great deal -- ForerunnerFloodsymbol1 21:34 19 jan 2007 (UTC).

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