Speculation re: Anders' mother Edit

It is well established that Dr. Halsey is not the mother of Prof. Anders. I never suspected that that she might be. I have however speculated that Admiral Parangosky might be Anders' mother. Parangosky was involved with ONI, and appears in Halo Wars: Genesis. Anders comments in her journal about suspecting her mother being behind Anders' current ONI mission. The timelines involved make the relationship physically possible. Parangosky was born in 2461. We don't know when Anders was born. The first date (that I know of) we have for her is 2531, at which point she was lecturing at a university. Let's say she was a professor. As a prodigy, she may have reached that stage by about age 30. That would make Parangosky about 40 years old when Anders was born, within the realm of possibility. None of this is great evidence, but at least the idea isn't demonstrably false yet. Jrfinley 05:51, October 10, 2010 (UTC)

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