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This conversation is more relevant to the page than the user, I think, which is why I have opted to put it on a talk page rather than use his UserTalk or social profile comments.

Matortheeternal, I have added the appropriate Citation Needed notices to your edit. You failed to cite any sources, opting only to add an all-caps HTML comment saying how your edit should not be removed as you're "an expert in the field of glitches in Halo: Combat Evolved". (By the way, all-caps is unprofessional and unbecoming an expert in nearly any field.)

I don't mean to sound antagonistic, but by what standards are you an "expert"? What is the definition of the word "expert" as it relates to what I like to call glitchology? What are the qualifications? Have you demonstrated an above-average knowledge of glitches? I do not mean to sound hostile; I am merely trying to point out that a wikieditor's declaration of their own expertise is nowhere near as reliable as a cited source.

So if you can find a website that documents at least seven thousand glitches in Halo: Combat Evolved and at least four hundred glitches in Blood Gulch, then by all means, add the appropriate REF tags and remove the {{fact}} template codes. Until then, the edit must continue to be marked with "citation needed", assuming that other editors don't opt to delete it entirely.

Also, to counter an anticipated response, I am aware that Halopedia has more relaxed standards for when and where sources are required; this is because many video game concepts, such as the natures of particular glitches as well as terminology such as lag, teamkilling, etc., are not formally documented in a source that can be reliably cited. However, exact details (such as, say, an attempted approximation of the number of glitches in a particular aspect of a game) can and should be held to a somewhat elevated standard. DavidJCobb Emblem DavidJCobb  20:04, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

So how would I go about proving that I am an expert and how would I go about documenting 400 stunts on blood gulch. And even more extensively, how would I go about proving that my estimate is correct? I forsaw this discussion or just plain out deletion of my comment. Perhaps I shouldn't have made it, but I was thoroughly enflamed by the fact that this article said that there were "not very many" glitches in halo combat evolved. From my expierence, halo: combat evolved has had more glitches then any other game. I will happily show/send videos of glitches to your hearts content. I have been glitching in halo: combat evolved for over 3 years now, and I know what I am talking about. Please, tell me how I can provide references for my figures. I will be releasing a movie within the next few weeks which is a complete tutorial for 400 stunts on blood gulch. And I am currently coordinating the halo: combat evolved glitching community into an organized state so we can begin the documentation of the thousands of glitches present in the game. I am currently working on my own wiki for glitches in halo: combat evolved. Reason being that I could not effectively work on documenting them on halopedia because of people who doubted my expierence. I am sure that some people will not allow the references needed tag to be removed untill I have over 7000 stunts documented on the new wiki, stuntopedia. But hopefully I can convince halopedians to allow me to add my knowledge of glitchology (we call it stunting in h1...) to halopedia. Good day... Matortheeternal 21:11, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

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