Suiciding Engineers?Edit

Do the engineers that suicide after killing the brute that controls them count against you for this achievement? Anyone know? Zeno 'Ribal 00:57, October 1, 2009 (UTC)

Yes it does. -Halo Reach - Unggoy KillJax "For the great Journey!" Go here go there...

Damn...guess I better start working on the 'naughty, naughty' one instead then for my current playthrough. Thanks. Zeno 'Ribal 01:04, October 1, 2009 (UTC)

Follow-up question. If you see an engineer hovering above a group of brutes, should one just avoid the fight all-together? Or is there just some kind of trigger to avoid? (Bazooka Zoo 06:35, October 7, 2009 (UTC))

Yes. just avoid shooting the Engineer and focus on the brutes. After you killed the brutes, the Engineer will go suicide automatically.- 5əb'7aŋk(7alk) 08:22, October 7, 2009 (UTC)
If you can avoid the fight yes. If you have no choice, you 'can' kill the non-brutes to give you breathing room. BTW, I found that the brute that whoms death triggers the engineer suicide usually has a Brute shot or carbine (on normal difficulty anyway), so it is a safe bet that you can kill the other brutes besides this one. Zeno 'Ribal 17:55, October 8, 2009 (UTC)

In flashbacks? Edit

Would killing Huragok in the flashbacks count? Because the achievement seems impossible because of the explosions at Kikowani Station. --RadicalEdward2 02:29, October 10, 2009 (UTC)

No.I killed some on that level and still got the achievement.It only counts against you if you kill them on Mombasa Streets.SPARTAN-177 02:34, October 10, 2009 (UTC)

Can you restart campaign? Edit

If you have killed an engineer already and have not gotten the achievement, while already completing the campaign, can you restart the campaign (solo or coop game) and finish it and get the achievement that way? --S-tyong 04:16, October 16, 2009 (UTC)

Yes you can. That's what I ended up doing. Zeno 'Ribal 05:00, October 16, 2009 (UTC)
Oh well. Thanks.--S-tyong 05:27, October 16, 2009 (UTC)

Okay so I start the frist level (even though I have the Naughty Naughty) and dont kill the brutes exsept for the leader and then leave the area and I can get the achievement that way?

--Noname The HeroHero Talk Do I take life or give it? Who is victim, and who is foe 18:45, December 19, 2009 (UTC)

What if your Co-op buddy kills an Engineer Edit

Will it count as you killing it?

No, it won't. Your buddies can kill them all they want, so long as you don't kill them yourself. Zeno 'Ribal 04:47, November 8, 2009 (UTC)
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