Ladies and gents, if the rumor doesn't have a source, don't put it down.

Made up namesEdit

Gray Team. Abby, Mike and Ethan? No.

Adrian CaptainAdamGraves

Where did you get there names?--ryanngreenday 02:10, 29 December 2006 (UTC)

  • I have my sources. When you're a hardcore fanfic writer like me, delving into topics previously undeveloped, you come across things. Things that discourage you, like names. Yea, and it's their names. Hah Jk. CaptainAdamGraves
In other words, you made them up. -ED 19:55, 20 January 2007 (UTC)

Answer to Gray Team Edit

Gray Team = 3 other slipspace pods on Onyx, Team Katana members in 5 of the 8 pods, the other 3 must be Gray Team.

Team Katana was a team of Spartan-III, Gray Team is a team of Spartan-IIs, so that is incorrect.

halo cole protocoll Edit

thats not a br55 thats a ma5k

I looks like an early br55. seargeant Johnson had a few on Harvest in 2525, so why cant gray team have them at a time highly likely to be after the first battle of harvest? To me it is not the least strange that they have br55s. -- Spartan-044 Anton, 01:41 CET, 29.09.2008

The final version of the book cover had the Spartan holding a BR55. They may or may not have been prototypes, but either way ONI gave it to them to use. Faith is to know. Trust. is to believe.

Armour colour Edit

Standard MJOLNIR Mark IV is military green, not gray. And the BR55 didn't become used by the UNSC (other than on Harvest, which was a prototype) until August 30, 2552. Faith is to know. Trust. is to believe.

Armour can be any colour it needs to be. The Spartans in the Reach trailer are all different colours; two blue, one green, one tan, and two grey. The Master Chief seems to have preferred the baseline models - that doesn't neccessarily hold true of everyone else. As for the BR - just because it didn't enter general service, doesn't mean it wasn't used in limited numbers. -- Administrator Specops306 - Qur'a 'Morhek 21:50, December 17, 2009 (UTC)
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