People who are posting pictures of Brute Ultras and stating that they are Brute Bodyguards, YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE AND AN EYE CKECK AND A SET OF GLASSES........... O.M.G.....

You mean more then someone whos getting pissed off by that O.M.G!!!!! Grave G O D 00:22, April 1, 2010 (UTC)

Incompetent Mistakes Edit

This is ridiculous. The images listed below are not Bodyguards at all. The Brute torturing Reynolds is a Brute Captain, not a Bodyguard. Same goes for the Brute in the water.

Turn on the Thunderstorm skull, and those Brutes will turn into Brute Captain Majors, who have gold armor. The Bodyguards have silver-blue armor, while the Captains have violet armor. It can be hard to tell, but seriously, try to apply some effort.

It's not that hard to look at them for a quick moment and see that their armor is more purple than blue, and that their undergarments are black or light maroon at best, not the vivid red and silver-blue armor of a Bodyguard.

If anyone is truly responsible for this problem, it is Bungie. It is evident that they were too lazy to differentiate Captains and Bodyguards significantly, or perhaps they were so sucked into the samurai-style armor to not bother making any more sub-types. Perhaps they could've given the Bodyguards armor that was a cross between the Captain-style and the Honor Guard one from Halo 2

.But putting Bungies laziness aside, whoever is posting the pictures needs to be more careful. :)

Now that would be very distinctive and appropriate; a magnificent blend of Covenant and Jiralhanae styles. --Exalted Obliteration 04:14, December 7, 2009 (UTC)

Hmmm so people who make multiple games for our fun are lazy hmmmmm. Grave G O D 00:26, April 1, 2010 (UTC)

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