UntitledEdit does not say that, it says the ultra is the highest rank, and it also shows the picture of the blue brute. I know there is much confusion due to thunderstorm and damage and such, but spreading misinformation is still unacceptable. --Justin Time 04:12, 18 October 2007 (UTC)

According to my research, I have found with the thunderstorm skull on other levels besides Sierra 117 have no golden-Armored Captains. The only time that I have seen nothing but golden armored Captains was Sierra 117. On other levels, such as Crow's Nest and Tsavo Highway, all the Captains are cyan-colored, and there are no violet or golds, though there are pairs of silvery-blue Captain-like Brutes accompanying Chieftains.

They are weaker than the rest of the cyan colored Brutes, as it only takes one direct sniper shot to the head to eliminate them, while the cyan ones require two. The gold ones on Sierra 117 require either 3 sniper headshots, or 1 to the body, and then 1 to the head. So the gold guys do have better armor, which is interesting.

Still, why are there no golden Brutes on these other levels? I have the skull activated, but there were none in these circumstances. If the golden Brutes are indeed the true Brute Captain Ultra's, they should be the dominant Brute Captain types present, or at least the most common. But there are zero golden Brutes, just the cyan ones.

What is going on? Is my game copy bugged? Please let me know, for am a bit confused.

--Exalted Obliteration 21:41, 7 November 2007 (UTC)

Why Blue? Edit

Why would the highest level of any covenant race be blue? Before the schism gold and white signified rank and blue was the armor of the lowliest elites. Why would the arrogant brutes choose the lowest color as their highest rank. Possibly, the brutes are trying to separate themselves from years of elite oppression with a dichotomy. However, blue might be the brutes original color of rank/royalty/importance and now they are returning to it. If so, elite 'disdain' for the color might have played part to the friction between the races depending on how important blue is to brutes. Never before wearing power armor, likely due to elite sanctions, the new armor might be converted stores of elite armor and thus high level brutes would take blue armor even though it has less protection than the gold of lesser ultras. This re-purposing of elite armor might explain why the armor pops off when it is depleted unlike elite armor. In effect maybe brutes used to not wearing armor choose color over protection and achieve greater protection by merely having more armor.

It was never mentioned anywhere that blue had to signify the lowest rank of the Covenant. --Blemo progress-wheel.gif TALK CONTRIBUTIONSSERVICE RECORDMESSAGE 19:43, 30 November 2007 (UTC)

Minor Elites wear blue armor.

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