Lotsa VehiclesEdit

The other day I was playing through the level on Legendary, and after trying several times to rush to the tank and grab it before the Flood did, I decided to take things slowly. After picking off the Forerunner resistance, I was left alone to fend against the Flood. I was expecting to face off against a Ghost or two. After a while, I left my Ghost to hide, and it subsequently was rammed into be a dumb Flood driver and destroyed, leaving me to battle on foot. However, I noticed several things: a pristine Ghost was backed into a pillar on the left side (when you exit the tunnel, make an immediate left turn. It was on the other side); by backed, I mean the whole unit was leaning against the pillar. Later, I found a perched and brand spankin new Hog in between some crates. I suspect these all spawned there since I was on foot, but because I was on foot, my battling took much longer. As a result, I faced off against approximately 8 Flood-controlled Ghosts before going back to get my allies in their Spectre.

Here's where it gets interesting: as I travelled into the first tunnel (the one you enter to access the interior scene), no less than 3 Flood-controlled Ghosts were suddenly on top of me, as if they had spawned just outside the tunnel entrance. After picking them off, my allies and I travelled through the interior part as usual, finishing off the Hog and Wraith, and I grabbed the tank. However, upon entering the tunnel on the other side of the interior (the tunnel you must enter to progress to the next stage of the level), there were literally dozens of partially destroyed Ghosts scattered about. Some were still drivable, as if the Flood meant to pilot them never spawned. Others were missing their seats, but still looked pretty good up front. Literally, there was about 25 of these things lying around in that tunnel. And when I finally got out of it to see the Pelican flying around with the tank hitched to its rear, a few more Flood-controlled Ghosts spawned behind me and began creaming me.

Now, I have no idea whether or not this is supposed to happen. I suspect the high concentration of Ghost husks is a glitch, but the spawning is intentional. I don't know, as this was my first time playing it through slowly, without making a hasty run for the tank. Just wanted to put that out there for consideration.Captain Grade One  ΘяɪɸɴF22    Talk    Contributions    CAG   18:44, August 31, 2010 (UTC)

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