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Tango Company is a UNSC Marine Corps company that was stationed on Reach, and participated in the training of the Spartan-IIs.


Tango Company was tasked with playing games of capture the flag against the young Spartan-II trainees. As of July 14, 2523 the Spartans and the Marines had played seven such games, with Tango Company losing every one of them.[1] Tango Company, tired of constant defeat, stopped playing by the rules. They began using live ammunition and abusing Spartan trainees that they caught in their "territory," such as James, whom they claimed had "fallen down a flight of stairs"[1] in their single story jail while being transferred to a different cell. It took James a full week to recover from his injuries.[1] The Marines also began referring to the Spartans as the "freak Section Three kids."[1]

Despite the Marines cheating, the Spartans were still victorious, winning once again; this time by infiltrating the base and detonating Stun Grenades beneath Tango company's barracks buildings, inflicting many casualties. Then, neutralizing the guards around the flag pole with Narq-dart Pistols, the Spartans snatched the flag and hid in the trees. Tango Company sent a Pelican transport in an effort to trick the Spartans into thinking their exfiltration craft had arrived. But, not fooled, the young supersoldiers once again outsmarted and overcame the helpless Marines.


  • It has not been stated what battalion, regiment, or division Tango Company originated from.
  • The flag was green with a single white star.

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