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Tau Ceti (τ Cet / τ Ceti, pronounced /ˌtaʊ ˈsiːtaɪ/) is a star in the constellation Cetus that is similar to Sol in mass and spectral type. Like Sol, Tau Ceti is a yellow-orange dwarf Star. At just under 11.9 light years distant from the Sol system, it is relatively close,[1] and places it within the Inner colonies.


This system became inhabited by a significant Covenant presence in 2552. A massive fleet of warships and the refit and repair station Unyielding Hierophant, was preparing to attack Earth. The station was destroyed by UNSC forces September 13, 2552, including the majority of the Covenant fleet.[2]


  • Tau Ceti is also the setting for the first Marathon game.



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