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For the Halo 3: ODST level, see Tayari Plaza (level).
Tayari plaza

Tayari Plaza moments after the Slipspace event.

Tayari Plaza is an area located on the main island of New Mombasa, Kenya.[1]


After the catastrophic Slipspace event that nearly obliterated New Mombasa and thwarted an ODST group's attempted orbital insertion on October 20, 2552, Captain Dare's drop pod was knocked off course and crashed at this area at high speed. The impact damaged her drop pod, preventing Dare from exiting it. Unable to exit her drop pod, Dare called on Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck to rescue her. Before Buck could reach the crash site, however, Covenant forces moved in. Left with no choice, Dare managed to force the door on her pod and evaded patrolling Covenant forces, leaving the area.[1]

After linking up with Marine forces, Buck fought his way to Dare's downed pod. Finding it under fire by Grunts, Buck cleared the area, opening Dare's pod to find it empty. Buck assumes Dare has been killed or captured. It was here Buck reunited with Romeo, making a timely appearance with his sniper rifle as a Huragok entered the region. Uncertain as to their next move, Buck and Romeo left the area after finding an exit to the city.[1]

Several hours later, the Rookie discovered Dare's helmet in a building overlooking the plaza.[2]


The plaza itself is considerably lower than the outer edges, which contain streets and walkways. The area is surrounded by buildings.[1]


  • The Firefight map Crater takes place at this plaza.[3][4]
  • Like most locations in the Halo-verse's New Mombasa, Tayari is an actual neighborhood in modern-day Mombasa, located in the very center of the city.



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