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Team Carnage was a community driven playlist added into Halo 2 matchmaking on August 22, 2006 that ran until November 11, 2006. The basic idea of the playlist was to allow various fan groups to create their own playlist. Every few months the playlist would feature a new group's gametypes. All playlists were unranked. was the first community group to have their playlist featured in Team Carnage. Their playlist ran until the 10 October 2006 playlist update, when it was replaced by a playlist submitted from Real Custom Games. The second playlist ran until November 11, 2006 when Bungie cut the playlist from the matchmaking roster.

Stats - HBOEdit

  • Ranked: NO
  • Min Players: 8
  • Max Players: 12
  • Team Count: 2
  • Min Party Size: 1
  • Max Party Size: 12

Stats - RCGEdit

  • Ranked: NO
  • Min Players: 8
  • Max Players: 10
  • Team Count: 2
  • Min Party Size: 1
  • Max Party Size: 10

Playlist - HBOEdit

FAE: Ascension, Lockout

Tower of Power: Ascension

Base Jumping: Burial Mounds, Coagulation, Headlong

Wheeeeee!: Gemini, Midship, Warlock

Shwatball: Ivory Tower, Sanctuary, Turf

Sun King: Foundation, Midship

Crazy Otto: Foundation, Warlock

CTF Shotties: Beaver Creek, Midship

Chamb0 CTF: Elongation, Warlock

Capture Madness: Beaver Creek, Ivory Tower, Midship

Playlist - RCGEdit

Note: The maps given on the following list are based on those originally proposed by Real Custom Games and may have changed in the actual implementation of the playlist.

Heavy Vehicles: Coagulation, Waterworks, Containment

Executive: Sanctuary, Ivory Tower, Elongation

Covenant Slayer: Warlock, Foundation, Ivory Tower

Warthog CTF: Terminal, Headlong, Relic

Halo: CE: Lockout, Beaver Creek, Elongation

Crappy Rifle: Colossus, Foundation, Midship

Storm: Warlock, Foundation

DriverSeat CTF: Coagulation, Waterworks, Containment

Brute Assault: Sanctuary, Turf, Gemini

Pistol 1Flag: Lockout, Ascension