“Map control game types. Take control of the terrain and hold your ground.”
— In-game description for Halo 3's ranked Team Control playlist

Team Control was a ranked playlist on Halo 3 introduced in December 2007. It contained a variety of territory-based games. The maps and base player traits were the same as they are in Team Slayer. On April 11, 2008 it was announced in a Bungie Weekly Update that Team Control would be removed on May 1, 2008 due to only about 300-500 people playing daily. This playlist has, however been featured in Double EXP Weekend.

Game TypesEdit

All game types are similar in that contested territories can not be captured, there are five territories, there are two teams (Red and Blue) each set and situated with four players, there are multiple rounds, rounds end when the time runs out (or after sudden death) or when all five territories are captured, points are scored by capturing 'territories' (marked by flags,) and each territory captured is worth one point.

The playlist contains game types including:

Land Grab Edit

Members of either team may capture any of the five territories. There is no offense or defense. Within a round, after a territory is captured, the other team cannot take it. The game contains three rounds.

Territories Edit

Unlike Land Grab, one team is offense and the other is defense. Only the offense team can score. There are two rounds, and teams switch offense/defense positions between rounds.

Lurkers Edit

Lurkers are a potent variation of Territories. Players start with a sniper rifle and an assault rifle, and there are no weapons on the map. If players are not in a Territory, they do not have Active Camo. Likewise, players will be invisible if in a Territory. Like Territories, there are two teams (offense and defense), and there are two rounds.