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Team Foxtrot was one of the fire teams of the SPARTAN-III Beta Company involved in Operation: TORPEDO.



Ever since they volunteered for the program in 2537, Team Foxtrot trained together under the watchful eye of Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose. By 2541, they were doing well in their academical studies.[1]

Operation: TORPEDO[]

Main article: Operation: TORPEDO

In Operation: TORPEDO, Beta Company, including Team Foxtrot, were sent on a mission to destroy a large Covenant refinery on Pegasi Delta. Severely outnumbered, the team made a mad rush to the factory, realizing it was their only hope. Adam was shot in the back and stayed behind to buy time,[2] while Min was vaporized when his explosive charge prematurely detonated due to the electro-magnetic field emanating from the reactor.[2]

The only two surviving members of Team Foxtrot, and of the entire Beta Company, were Tom and Lucy. Lucy became mute due to Post-Traumatic Vocal Disarticulation and never spoke again for the rest of her life.[2]


The four members of this team were:[2]

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