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Saber redirects here. For the UNSC experimental starfighter, see Sabre.

Team Saber is a fireteam of SPARTAN-III Gamma Company. They were one of the finest fire teams in Gamma Company.[citation needed]



At around age seven, the orphaned children chose to become SPARTAN-IIIs, and were sent to Camp Currahee on the planet Onyx. After having survived the bioaugmentation process, Team Saber graduated from the SPARTAN-III training program on February 20, 2551. As they were one of the highest-ranked teams in the program, they stayed on Onyx to participate in training exercises with Teams Gladius and Katana to see who would claim top honors.[1]

Battle of Onyx[]

Main article: Battle of Onyx

During a training exercise, Team Saber was attacked by what appeared to be artillery fire. After retreating behind the Zone 67 fence, they ran into Onyx Sentinels, their previous assailants. After a sporadic firefight, Saber learned about the strange nature of these Forerunner constructs and retreated to the jungle to lay low for a time.

The squad joined the remaining members of SPARTAN-II Blue Team, including Fred, Linda, Will, and Kelly, as well as Kurt Ambrose, the SPARTAN-IIIs' commander, to help Dr. Catherine Halsey recover crucial Forerunner technology rumored to be buried below the surface of Onyx. After a stealth entry, the SPARTANs rescued the members of Team Katana, who had been interred within Forerunner Slipspace Field Pods, placing them in suspended animation. They managed to escape detection by the Sentinels, but were attacked by a massive Covenant invasion fleet and forced to fall back to the Shield World's entry room. A drawn-out battle ensued, and the super-soldiers killed many Covenant troops, despite losing three of their own. Kurt ordered the surviving SPARTANs through the entry and sacrificed himself for their safety by destroying the Covenant army that attempted to gain entrance to the Micro Dyson Sphere, including the Covenant force's commander, Voro Nar 'Mantakree, by detonating two FENRIS nuclear warheads. Team Saber's last known location is inside the Micro Dyson Sphere that is contained in a Slipspace rift inside Onyx.


  • Holly-G003 (KIA, listed as MIA) - Team Saber's close-quarters combat specialist. Demoted twice for fighting with other trainees. Buzz-cut her hair into the shape of bear claws, and was often teased by other members of Gamma Company about this fact.
  • Ash-G099 (KIA)[2] - Leader of Team Saber, notable for understanding the needs of his teammates and being able to assist in such situations.
  • Mark-G313 (KIA)[2] - Nicknamed "The Mark" for his exceptional sniping abilities. Team Saber's marksman.
  • Dante-G188 (KIA, listed as MIA) - Demolitions expert of Team Saber, possessed 'near-magical' abilities with regards to explosives.
  • Olivia-G291 (KIA)[2] - The team's scout/stealth expert. Called "O" by her fellow Spartans for her skills at tracking and stealth. Regularly operated as a scout for the team.