Technical Sergeant (TSgt.) is the sixth enlisted rank in the UNSC Air Force, immediately below Master Sergeant, and above Staff Sergeant. The pay grade for Technical Sergeant is E-6. It is the second Non-commissioned officer rank in the UNSCAF. It is equal to an Army or Marine Staff Sergeant, or a Navy Petty Officer First Class.

Within the enlisted Air Force, promotion to TSgt. has historically been the second most difficult rank to achieve (only the rank of Senior Master Sergeant has lower promotion rates) and is the most difficult promotion most career Air Force members achieve. To be considered for a promotion to Technical Sergeant, a Staff Sergeant must have 5 years time in service and 18 months time in grade, however, 10–12 years time in service is normally when this grade is reached. Technical Sergeants provide technical leadership and serve as mentors to junior enlisted members in preparation for entry into the senior non-commissioned tier and promotion to the rank of Master Sergeant.

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