Sniper Scope

The Sniper Rifle Series 10x sniper scope.

Battle Rifle Scope

The BR55HB SR 2x Scope

The telescopic sight, commonly called a scope, is a device attached to a weapon used to give additional accuracy using a point of aim for weapons such as firearms, airguns and crossbows by magnifying greater distances. Other sighting systems are iron sights and red dot sights.


The UNSC uses a scope on a wide variety of its weapons, ranging from its sniper rifle variants, to its DMR, and even its handguns, but the latter normally employs a KFA-2 ×2 camera. All of these scopes and cameras are transmitted to and viewable on all UNSC personnel HUDs, due to the weapons' neural interfaces. The Covenant also use scopes on weapons, such as the Focus Rifle and the Needle Rifle.

There are a wide variety of telescopic sights, each differing in type, function, and purpose. For example, the standard scope of an S2 AM Sniper Rifle is capable of 5x/10x or 2x/8x magnification for long range combat, and are electronically operated. The S2 AM Scope also includes a night vision function in some models. The scopes on the BR55 and BR55HB SR, however, are only capable of 2x magnification, intended only for short to medium-range accuracy, using focusing lenses for magnification. The UNSC M41 Rocket Launcher and the Covenant Fuel Rod Cannon both have 2x scopes as well, to pinpoint targets better and increase their effective range.

Known Telescopic SightsEdit


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