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The Eximg template is a complete substitute for the [[File:]] wikilink, which can offer internal image-like styling to images hosted on external websites. This prevents over crowding of the image system by allowing users to host their images offsite but use them exactly as they would a wiki hosted image.
The following off-site image hosting sites are currently supported:
These websites should not be used for image hosting.
Using the template requires that the first parameter (the image URL) is place. If the first parameter is not place, the template will not work.
Mark Up: Render:
{{Eximg|}} f2wjwE8.png
After the first parameter, any combination of up to 5 parameters may be used in any order; similar to the [[File:]] wikilink. The following parameters and their functions can be used:
Alignment - Aligns image to the left, center, or right side of the page.
Mark Up: Render:
Width - Scales image size to designated width in pixels (px).
Mark Up: Render:
{{Eximg||100px}} f2wjwE8.png
Thumbnail - Stylises image as a thumbnail with a default right alignment.
Mark Up: Render:
Caption - Shows defined caption on image hover over and under thumbnail.
Mark Up: Render:
{{Eximg||Halo Nation Logo}} f2wjwE8.png
Halo Nation Logo}}
Halo Nation Logo
Link - Changes the image link from source to defined URL, or removes link if left blank.
Mark Up: Render:
{{Eximg||link= }} f2wjwE8.png
Height - Scales image size to designated height in pixels (px), or stretched image with width parameter.
Mark Up: Render:
{{Eximg||h=50px}} f2wjwE8.png
{{Eximg||50px|h=50px}} f2wjwE8.png
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