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The Temple structure that the Prophet of Regret occupied during his brief stay on Installation 05 was located in the centre of a massive, Forerunner-constructed lake.


The only way to the temple without a dropship or aircraft was by taking a route through a series of underwater tunnels, over bridges and by traveling on anti-gravity gondolas. The purpose of the temple-structure was never discovered because it was destroyed by a Covenant Assault Carrier shortly after John-117 assassinated the Prophet of Regret.

The temple is a symmetrical structure, with two gondola docking places. It rises out of the water on six legs, and looks similar to Epitaph. There is one main entrance to the interior of the temple, and a hallway that leads to two more openings. Through those openings is another large room. In this room are two small doors in the far left and right sides of the walls. They, along with a large ramp leading to a door are the entrances to the main hall.[1]

In this large room, there are four doors in the walls which lead to small rooms. There are walkways, and three levels. On the ground level there are various blocks, and a pond. At the far end there is a raised platform, where the Prophet of Regret conducted his sermons. Waiting in the small side rooms are legions of Honor Guard Elites and Grunts, ready to come to the Prophet's aid. Regret was slain in this room by John-117 in 2552, and the temple was destroyed shortly after.


  • Some speculate that the ruins are transplanted Precursor buildings or transferred structures from the Forerunners' original home world, because of their seemingly exceedingly old age.

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