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Temple is a Warzone Assault map in Halo 5: Guardians. It is part of the Anvil's Legacy DLC.


Sangheili kaidons and Arbiters once made pilgrimages to this temple to sit in meditation and reflect on duty and the momentous actions they were about to undertake. But that was when the temple was whole, a living tabernacle dedicated to spirits of war and hearthfire.”
“Now it is a silent mausoleum, abandoned during the Sangheili's service to the San'Shyuum. Warriors have returned to the temple, but only echoes of wisdom are to be found here now.”


Temple is a location on Sanghelios, buried in a coastal wall.

The map features two main structures. One part is found in the lower area of the map, on the east side. The other, bigger structure is found in the middle of the map. On the west side of the map are two landing pads. The map is fairly open and great for long- and medium range shooting. The structures create some close quarters combat locations.


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