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Territories is a game type introduced in Halo 2. In Halo 3 it can be found on Team Objective and Social Skirmish with 4 rounds; and on Big Team Battle with only 2 rounds.

Objective Edit

It is a battle to control the map by reaching a certain point, taking it over, then you must keep it in your control for a certain amount of time.

Rules Edit

Most of the time you will need several areas under your control to win. In each map there are four areas to control but this number can be lowered to one. This is both a FFA and Teamed Gametype.

Halo 3 Rules Edit

Halo 3 introduces locked territories, giving 1 point, by default, when fully capturing a territory. After being captured, it remains locked and out of play, causing players to move on to other territories. While mostly used in 1 sided gameplay with one team defending the territories and the other team attacking, it is also used in equal sided gameplay, eliminating the need to defend conquered territories. The 'locking up' feature of Territories in Halo 3 has led to a lot of criticism from players.


Halo 2 Variants Edit

Halo 3 Variants Edit

Halo: Reach Variants Edit

  • 3 Plots
  • Land Grab

Strategies Edit

Usually, with little territories (like 3), getting control over every territory is very difficult as one opponent can easily claim yours while you are going for other territories.


  • In Halo 2, there are names for territories and in Halo 3 there are numbers for territories.
  • Territories is very similar to the gametype Conquest from the Star Wars: Battlefront and Battlefield series
  • Race is a game type introduced in Halo: Combat Evolved and was taken out of Halo 2. It is possible that Territories originated from Race.

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